Delivering Hope and Care: Flash Express conveys its appreciation to their couriers and to the community through ‘Alagang Flash’

Manila Philippines – It has been two years since Flash Express launched ‘Alagang Flash’,  and it has truly become the heart of the company. Since its inception, it aims to deliver care and assistance to all the communities that it serves. Flash Express’ commitment to social responsibility has not only strengthened, but has also become an integral part of its corporate identity. 

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where efficiency and timely deliveries are considered to be the measurement of success, Flash Express is also consistent in recognizing and giving importance to all its dedicated couriers who work tirelessly to ensure packages reach their destinations no matter what the circumstances are.

The company recently conducted a reachout program to the Distribution Centers (DC) of Flash Express in Quezon City, Marikina, Las Pinas, and Malabon last November 21-24, 2023 and gave tokens, vitamins, and holidays baskets to show its appreciation and give back to all their hard works, and as the company also values the health of their employees.

‘Alagang Flash’ visited different Distribution Centers (DC’s) of Flash Express to give a little appreciation to all the riders’ sacrifices and challenges that they encounter everyday while delivering parcels. We all know that Flash Express is in the service industry. We deliver parcels to our customers, and it would not be possible without our hard working and dedicated riders.” Flash Express Marketing Deputy Director Ar Polinar said. 

Truly, Flash Express has become a beacon of hope to many, as it offers not only efficient logistics solutions but also thousands of invaluable job opportunities. Beyond the routine act of transporting packages from one location to another, the company has actively engaged in transforming lives. 

“It’s not only the customers that we are serving, since ‘Alagang Flash’ is the heart of the company, it also serves the internal employees of the company, communities, media, and the government, that is why we called it Alagang Flash. We are already covering 95% of the serviceable areas nationwide. For the past two years that Flash express has been operating in the Philippines, it has already helped a lot in the community that it serves and employed over 21,000 employees this year.” Flash Express PR and Partnerships Manager Reginald Rex Pumihic shared. 

On December 18, 2023, Flash express visited the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna to share the spirit of Christmas with the Laguneño’s, by giving some groceries, shoes, vitamins, and health cards. Flash Express also took the opportunity to announce a new wave of job opportunities, as the company wants to give an equal opportunity to everyone.

By choosing Flash Express, customers are not just selecting a delivery service; but also choosing a company that consistently aspires to contribute to nation-building. 

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